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        LLDPE powder Fine powder Ultrafine powder 60 mesh 80 mesh 100 mesh 200 mesh LLDPE powder

        LLDPE powder Fine powder Ultrafine powder 60 mesh 80 mesh 100 mesh 200 mesh LLDPE powder

        • Category:Powder resin
        • Published Date:2019-02-20
        • Product Overview

        Haozhou Polymer specializes in the production and sale of LLDPE powder, LLDPE powder coating and fiber grade LLDPE.

        LLDPE powder properties: LLDPE can be regarded as high molecular weight linear paraffin. It is white waxy solid in appearance, slightly keratinous, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. Except for film, other products are opaque. This is because LLDPE products have more High crystallinity. LLDPE can be seen as a typical soft and tough polymer according to the shape of the stress-strain curve when it is stretched. Among the various indexes of mechanical properties, except for the high impact strength, other mechanical properties are lower in plastic materials. This is because the LLDPE molecular chain is a flexible chain and has no polar groups. The attraction between the molecular chains is small. The amorphous portion of the LLDPE molecular chain is in a high elastic state at room temperature. It should not have carrying capacity, but due to LLDPE. It is a polymer with high crystallinity, and the crystal structure of the crystal part, that is, the close packing of the molecular chain imparts a certain bearing capacity to the material. The structural factors that have an effect on the mechanical properties of LLDPE are firstly the density of LLDPE, increased density, and improved mechanical properties other than toughness, including increased hardness and stiffness. The heat distortion temperature of LLDPE is very low in plastic materials, and the heat distortion temperatures of different polyethylenes are also different. LLDPE itself is non-polar, which determines its excellent dielectric and electrical insulation. It has a low hygroscopicity of less than 0.01%, making its electrical properties unaffected by changes in ambient humidity. LLDPE has a small dielectric constant of about 2.25-2.35. LLDPE is chemically more inert. It is not affected by non-oxidizing acids, amines, salts, etc. at room temperature, and is not affected by dilute sulfuric acid or dilute nitric acid. However, it is affected by the oxidation of concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid, sulfuric acid and chromic acid, which deteriorates mechanical properties and electrical properties. LLDPE can cause stress cracking under the action of many active substances, called environmental stress cracking, which is a peculiar phenomenon of polyolefin plastics, especially polyethylene.

        LLDPE powder application: LLDPE is one of the varieties of polyethylene with large output and wide application. LLDPE was originally designed for high-frequency insulation. In addition to high-frequency insulation, the main applications include the following: (1) Extrusion or calendering of various films. The large application areas of LLDPE are agricultural, mulch for seedling cultivation, and vegetable greenhouse film. , various films for horticulture, various packaging films, plastic film covers for publications, etc. In addition to LLDPE's own single-layer film, it can be laminated with other materials into a composite film. (2) Hollow blow molding into various containers, LLDPE can produce various industrial and daily containers, such as oil drums, beer cans, paint buckets, bottles, beverage bottles, baby bottles, pharmaceutical packaging bottles, detergent bottles and various other various types. The shape and size of the packaging container, mostly made of polyethylene. (3) Extrusion into various profiles and monofilaments, LLDPE can be extruded into sheets, sheets, bars, especially pipes, for chemical plants, construction industry and daily life, such as gas pipelines, sewer pipes, farmland Irrigation pipes, medical infusion pipes, etc. LLDPE can also be extruded into monofilaments for the manufacture of ropes; fishing nets, screens, and the like. (4) Injection into various industrial and daily necessities, LLDPE can be injection molded into various daily necessities, such as buckets, pots of various sizes, bowls, lampshades, bottle shells, tea trays, combs, rice bran, toys, stationery, Certain items in bicycles, automobiles, tractors, and instrumentation can also be prepared for entertainment items, and the like. (5) Extrusion molding wire and cable sheath (generally required to be modified), high-frequency insulation structural parts (commonly used cross-linked grade), Y-class electrical insulation products. (6) Anti-corrosion coating of various equipments and devices (using spraying method). (7) Foam products, such as anti-vibration, heat preservation and sound absorbing materials with anti-corrosion requirements, shock-proof cushioning packaging materials, furniture products, sporting goods such as cushions, helmet linings, etc.

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