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        Shanghai wax powder manufacturers take everyone to understand how to prevent PE powder aging


        Shanghai wax powder manufacturers take everyone to understand how to prevent PE powder aging?

        PE powder is an excellent plastic powder, which has the characteristics of non-toxic, abrasion-resistant, low-temperature and high-temperature, anti-corrosion and waterproof, and has good insulation. PE powder can modify the physical functions of paints, pigments and inks. It can participate in a small amount of PE powder in paint, which can reduce the smoothness and gloss of paint, play the role of matting agent, and add PE powder to ink. It will improve the anti-friction function and it can also be used as a pigment smashing agent. So how to prevent PE powder from aging? Let's take a look at the following small series. hope it helps you. Plastic powder coating

        1, in order to prevent aging, often add appropriate amounts of additives, such as antioxidants, antioxidants and UV absorbers.

        The above is the method for preventing the aging of PE powder. PE powder has excellent chemical resistance, anti-aging, impact resistance, bending resistance, acid resistance, salt spray corrosion resistance, and has good surface decoration properties.

        2, add masterbatch, filler

        The addition of color masterbatch and filler can reduce the cost on the one hand, and can be colored on the other hand to produce color varieties, and at the same time, can improve the film performance. This is because the polyethylene macromolecule adsorbs on the surface of the crystalline pigment filler, which affects its thermal motion and reduces the possible movement of the chain. Therefore, the selected masterbatch, pigment and filler type and quantity should be compatible with the binder.