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        Plastic powder coating source


        Source of plastic powder coatings. Some plastics can directly obtain plastics in powder state by crystallization method in the synthesis process, but most of them are powders of about 300um. Some plastics can also obtain about 300um of rubber powder by spray granulation.

        The plastic powder obtained by the pulverization process can be realized by most plastics. Some plastics obtain 200 um fine powder through friction, impact, tearing, etc. of the pulverizer at normal temperature, such as a plastic having a relatively high glass transition temperature. But most of the plastic's heat generated during the pulverization process is enough to melt it and re-bond it together, creating a trap for crushing. It is very difficult to get a finer plastic powder.

        Crushing plastics by low temperature pulverization can meet the requirements we need.

        Feasibility of low temperature pulverization:

        By chilling the plastic to below its embrittlement temperature, while ensuring that there is enough cold in the pulverization process to take away the heat generated during the splitting process, to meet the crushing requirements. Plastics crushed by impact in low temperature cryogenic pulverization environments are now the trend of high quality requirements.


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