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        Application of Shanghai wax powder polyethylene wax in plastic processing


        The viscosity of Shanghai wax powder polyethylene wax is much lower than that of plastic melt. It can be used as plastic melt index modifier. It can improve the flow of plastic processing because of its good thermal stability, low volatility at high temperature and good dispersion. Sex, thereby improving the processing properties of plastics.

        The molecular structure of polyethylene wax is similar to that of polyolefin, its polarity is very weak, and its compatibility is large. It plays an internal lubrication role in the processing of polyolefin plastics. The modified polyethylene wax has a relatively high polarity and is less compatible with polyolefins and acts as an external lubrication. Polyethylene wax can significantly improve the fluidity of the material in the extruder and the release of the finished product, while the finished product shows better surface properties, longer-term stability and more attractive color. Polyethylene wax is used as a lubricant in PVC film, profile, pipe and plastic processing industries. It can improve the toughness of plastic products, make the surface smooth and flat, and improve the yield.

        As a PVC lubricant, it not only needs to be internally lubricated, but also requires compatibility. Compatibility with a variety of resins is a prerequisite for the action of PVC lubricants. Esterified polyethylene waxes have better performance in terms of compatibility. It is compatible with amide, ABS resin, polyoxymethylene (POM) resin, etc. Esterified polyethylene wax has good compatibility with PVC, and it has both internal and external lubrication and brightening effect. In the case of calendering or molding, it has the effect of preventing the adhesion of the rolls; in the extrusion molding or injection molding, the adhesion screw is effectively prevented, the release effect is improved, and the PVC product is bright, beautiful, soft to the touch, and bright and beautiful. The carboxyl group and the ester group on the molecule form a complex or ionic chain chemistry with the filler and the pigment, improve the bonding between the filler and the matrix resin, and obtain high physical and mechanical properties. Polystyrene has a benzene ring in styrene and a large proportion. Compared with polyethylene, polystyrene has a higher polarity, and has a certain compatibility with internal and external lubricants. some. Amidated polyethylene wax is often used as an internal lubricant in the production of polystyrene to improve demolding and can be added prior to the polymerization process. Thermosetting plastics require lubricants and mold release agents for production and processing. Use compatible internal lubricants to improve flow, while external lubricants reduce adhesion of materials to hot machine parts, thus improving release. Polyethylene The wax is combined with the internal lubricant with a very strong release effect, providing a greater allowable range of operation. In polyamide processing, polyethylene wax is used as a dispersing agent to make the reinforcing material and pigment evenly distributed in the polyamide. In the injection molding process of polyamide, the ease of demolding depends on the degree of crystallinity and the effect of the lubricant. . Generally, modified polyethylene wax is used as a lubricant. In the injection molding process of linear polyester (PET), polyethylene wax plays an important role in improving the release property and fluidity of filled PET. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) It is very viscous after processing, and the use of polyethylene wax gives it a very good release effect. New engineering plastics are very difficult to process. Some plastics are very viscous soon after processing. Some of the relative molecular masses are very high and the flowability is very poor. In the processing of these plastics, polyethylene wax is low in volatility, in polar and non-polar. The plastic has both internal and external lubrication and demoulding action, and is resistant to migration. It is an extremely important processing aid. The molding method of wood-plastic composite (WPC) mainly includes a molding method and a single-screw extrusion method. Polyethylene wax is usually used as a lubricant to prevent the decrease of the melt strength of the material and the scorching of the wood powder in the barrel due to the long residence time, improve the processing performance and improve the flow properties of the material. To some extent, the physical plasticization process is adjusted, and an interface film is formed between the material and the metal. The boundary film not only prevents the material from adhering to the metal wall, but also weakens the material to the processing equipment and the mold. Wear and tear, extending the oil life of the extrusion equipment, in addition, it is also beneficial to improve the appearance quality of the product.

        Polyethylene wax is widely used, but there is still much room for development in the application of PVC profiles, plastic pipe fittings, plastic molding and printing, inks, coatings, floor waxes, automotive waxes, glazing waxes, etc. And development to get more applications.

        7, can improve the gloss, durability, hardness and abrasion resistance of paper, can increase water resistance and drug resistance, etc., increase the beauty of paper.

        8, can be added to a variety of paraffin to improve its performance. Excellent electrical insulation properties, added to insulating oil, paraffin or microcrystalline paraffin, its softening temperature rise, viscosity and insulation performance, can be used for cable insulation, capacitors and Moisture barrier coating for transformer windings.

        9, in addition, can also be used to manufacture leather shoes, candles, crayons, cosmetics, leather, hot melt adhesives. Main scope of application: It can be widely used in the manufacture of masterbatch, granulation, plastic steel, PVC pipe, hot melt adhesive, rubber, shoe polish, leather brightener, cable insulation, floor wax, plastic profile, ink, injection molding and other products.